relaxing and invigorating I've received a number of pre-natal massages from Felicia, and I always come away relaxed and with much more energy than before.
Kori Chandler
Wonderful Customer Service and Attention To Detail I am very happpy to have found Felicia as I am recovering from minor surgery from the Fall 2017. My surgeon recommend that I find a massage therapist that specializes in manual lymphatic drainage massages. Well that wasn’t an easy task. During my first visit Felicia asked me about my needs and problem areas. She explained her recommended course of treatment and also offered things I could do outside of our next visit. Felicia is very patient, kind, knowledgeable, pays attention to detail and most importantly is invested in her Clients. I would recommend Hayes Bodywork for all massage needs.
Felicia Hayes If you want fabulous - look no farther! Felicia will find it, fix it and make you new again.
Caters to you needs! Felicia listens to your concerns and targets where you ask. Great for people suffering from injury, arthritis and waking up on the wrong side of the bed. My family has been using Felicia for years and we always go back. Check her out!
Mike W
Highly Recommend I've been going to Hayes Bodyworks for just under two years now and consider myself a client opposed to a customer. Felicia is very skilled and knowledgeable in the various facets of massage therapy and the art of bodyworking. I would highly recommend her services to friends and family.
Awesome Massage! Thanks Felicia! It was what I expected and more, from the amibience of the room to her getting all the knots out my back. I caught myself snoring...at least twice! I would definitely be back and recommend to friends and family!
Best massage therapist around We found this gem of a person a few years ago after my husband injured his back climbing a glacier. Felicia helped him tremendously. I am a hair stylist and have major shoulder, neck and low back pain. With each visit I leave Felicia feeling new. Not only is she highly skilled at her craft, but you get the added benefit of knowing a genuinely caring human. I spread the word of Felicia's awesomeness to all of my friends and family. You will not be disappointed. In life you usually get what you pay for, but in this case you are getting the deal of a lifetime.
Miracle worker! I have tried countless styles of massage, acupuncture, dry-needling, physical therapy and chiropractic work to gain relief from constant neck and shoulder pain over the last few years. It takes me about 40min out of my way to get to her Ashburn location, but it was well worth it! With one appointment Felicia was able to 'unfreeze' my shoulder! With regular visits I should be able to get back my full range of motion and recover completely. Her combination of myofacial and cranial-sacrial massage is just what my body needs. She is amazing!!
Amazing Felicia is amazing-- her service, professionalism and results are second to none. I always look forward to my quarterly massages!
Excellent!!!!! I have not had a massage in over a year and was in much need of one when I found Hayes Bodywork. Over two sessions Felicia worked out several areas that were in a lot of pain. She listened to me regarding the areas that were giving me trouble and she focused in on those areas. I look forward to seeing her on a regular basis.
Lovely way to start a day! I just tried Hayes Bodywork for the first time recently and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Felicia was super nice, very professional and she literally just made tension melt out of my body. Despite the longer drive to get there, I will definitely be back and will be recommending her to my friends and family.
Shivon D
Felicia is the Best I have had massages for 20+ years and Felicia is the best by far. I recommend her to everyone I know, and now to even those I don't know. Enjoy
muscle pain decrease to gone. She is fabulous. Went in with muscle knots in my shoulder, neck and back. Came out flexible, less pain, and knot free. She varied the pressure to what I needed. Already scheduled my next appointment.
Felicia is the Best!!!! I have received massages from many different people over the years and Felicia is the best! She does deep tissue massage sessions on me, working on the exact areas that need the attention. During my 90 minute massages she gives 110% throughout the entire session. I have been coming to see Felicia for an extended period of time and although I live out of state I still make the trip to see her on a regular basis.
Michelle meunier
Life saver! Felicia is the best! If it wasn't for her I would not be able to do my job. Thank you Felicia for all your knowledge and great healing hands!!
Wonderful As a bodybuilder it is hard to find a masseuse who can work the tissue deep enough. Felecia does a great job! I am a very satisfied customer.
Awesome Massage Therapist I highly recommend Hayes Bodywork. Felicia takes the time to talk with you about the issues you are having and quickly devises a plan to help your sore, tired or overworked muscles. I suffer from chronic lower back and tight hip issues and I have noticed a considerable difference since I have started to visit Hayes Bodywork.
Felicia is fabulous! I have been to many people to have massages in my life and I can say with confidence that Felicia is the best. She listens to exactly what hurts you each time you go and focus's on that area. She is very good about what changes you might be going through that might affect your health or stress level. I love her. I cannot say enough good things about her!
Talented and Professional I've been enjoying Felicia's therapeutic massages for over a year now and she has consistently provided incredibly relief from life's stress and tension. She is incredibly talented and definitely is a master of her craft. She has always been professional and really takes the time to get to know her clients and their needs. I would recommend her to anyone needing relief from aches, pains, and stress.
Amazing Massage I was given a 60 minute massage as a gift and it was a wonderful experience. The massage was fantastic, and just the right amount of pressure to work out knots in my back and shoulders and some I didn't even know I had. Felicia is highly skilled and super warm and friendly. I will definitely be back.
Fantastic! I went to Felicia because me neck and back were in quite a bit of pain. I would wake up in pain everyday. At my first visit, Felicia talked to me at length about what and where my pain was coming from. She really took the time to hear me. I knew it would take more than one session to ease my pain, but honestly I felt so much better after my initial visit. After my fourth visit I feel really great. I actually felt like I was floating off the table! Felicia really pays attention to you and makes sure you are comfortable. She is a life saver!
Excellent! I've been to many resort spa's for massages and I must say the treatment I received from Ms. Hayes is the absolute best. From the peaceful room to her calm spirit, her knowledge and skill in movement and pressure is spot on! She's the real deal.
Full Body Massage I always feel so good and relaxed after a massage from Felicia. She fixes things that have been hurting. She has magic healing hands. I will continue to go back. Thanks Felicia!!
pleased client! Felicia gave me a wonderful 90 minute deep tissue massage. I am particular about massage and I was very pleased with her technique. She was professional, courteous and accommodating. I felt comfortable and relaxed in her studio. I look forward to my next massage with Felicia.
Nobody better anywhere! Felicia is not only the best massage therapist but a truly wonderful person as well. I highly recommend her, your body will be the better for knowing her!
A must have massage What a wonderful and relaxing experience. When we entered the massage room, I was given a questionnaire about my relevant medical issues and massage needs. We then talked for a couple of minutes about what I was looking for in my massage. We discussed specific problem areas and the type of massage that would work best. I really appreciated that she asked these questions and actually seemed to listen to my answers. Felicia worked specifically on the areas I'd asked her to target, while still delivering a lovely full-body massage. The massage was excellent. The room had very soft lighting, very clean, and soft music was playing. I think I may have fallen asleep as it was so relaxing. Felicia is very professional and skilled at her profession. I am truly looking forward to my next massage.
Magic hands better than David Copperfield! Felicia's skills are beyond measure. She can relieve tension and help heal wounds with ease. I am so pleased to have found her. My daughter and I are so happy with her. Now if I can just get my husband in!
reflexology feet
Great experience! I had a deep tissue massage. It was fantasic. She really got into my trouble areas and loosened me up. Thanks!
Hayes Bodywork is the best place ever Felicia is professional and always takes time to listen to my needs before we begin. Her space is a tranquil oasis and I always leave feeling so much better then when I go in. I am so spoiled by Felicia that I now can't bring myself to go anywhere else.
T Morris
Very Professional Felicia is one of the most professional therapists I have met. She has a nice energy and lovely touch. She will truly relax you.
David L.
All-Around Excellent Experience The deep tissue massage that I received did a great job of relieving my aches and pains! The service was very professional and Felicia was very friendly. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a massage.
No more neck pain Felicia did such a great job. I have had neck and shoulder pain for 3 months but after one massage, I have no pain. I will definitely be back.
Cindy Solomon
A plan to feel 100% Felicia Hayes was recommended to me. I have chronic pain from stress in my neck and shoulder. My first visit she identified the area and started the theropy. After my first visit we came up with a short term plan and then a long term plan. I am fully confident my 100% feel fantastic is going to be atcheived!
Full Body Massage I always feel so good and relaxed after a massage from Felicia. She fixes things that have been hurting. She has magic healing hands. I will continue to go back. Thanks Felicia!!
Most Productive Massage Ever! Felicia gets some serious work done! She is extremely knowledgeable, and uses a variety of unique techniques that really alleviate pain and discomfort. I was able to go back to distance running after years of being limited by pain and injury.
Best Knee Pain Massage Ever!

I had couple of massage sessions done, but the trigger point therapy wad a total winner. The therapist Felicia is wonderful, friendly, and skillful. The way she does her massage is like an art so soothing. I have had a wonder experience and fantastic results from the trigger point Massage. I recommend highly to get her massage once in life.

Best Massage Yet! I get quite a few massages to help with my back injury and frequent stress...I found a deal for Hayes Bodywork and I'm so incredibly glad I did! Felicia makes you instantly feel welcome and comfortable. She has a very relaxing presence which instantly put me at ease (not something easily done). I got the 90 min. massage and honestly, there are no words to describe how positive it was; my muscles and back injury were happy for once! Felicia has a special talent and I'm glad I came across her massage practice...repeat customer here!
Randy C
Deep tissue massage Just moved to Virginia and was in search of a quality massage therapist. I routinely get deep tissue massages due to high stress job. Nothing worse than paying money for a massage from someone that does not know what they are doing. I recently visited Hayes Bodywork and spent 90 minutes with Felicia. All I can say is "Outstanding!!!" She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and committed to her profession. In addition, the facilities (room, table, etc) are top notch. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for quality massage therapy.
Ecellent Just amazing.
excellent My physical therapy recommends me to get a Myofascial release due to my back and neck injuries from the car accident in November 2013. The myofacial release left me sore for two days but in a good way of soreness. I can feel the difference after one session with Felicia. She is wonderful, friendly and amazing message therapy!!! I would definitely recommend her to my friends. I am looking forward to my next session!!!
excellent Very professional, focused in the areas we discussed. The deep tissue left me sore as it should and in 2 days I was feeling great.
Gale towery
excellent excellent
Emily Greenbaum
Fantastic Service at Hayes Bodywork! I came to Hayes Bodywork because my mom has been seeing Felicia for her neck issues. I had been seeing a Physical Therapist for my quad injury however I was seeing no improvement. After only 2 sessions with Felicia I have seen vast improvement. She is terrific to work with and I am so happy to have found her!
Shivon D
Felicia is Fantastic I have had several sessions with Felicia and she is fantastic. I like deep tissue massages and she is fantastic at them, very strong hands and great technique. Highly recommend her
Fixed my running-related aches and pains I've seen Felicia twice with problems that I thought might keep me from running upcoming races. Both times, she fixed me up AND gave me tips to help maintain her good work. Thanks for getting me back on the road!
GREAT! Felicia is great and nice ambiance in the room. Most comfortable table and head rest. Excellent technique and very professional
Great experience! Both myself and my boyfriend had the 90 minute, hot stone massage and it was fabulous! Felicia was awesome- very friendly, professional and skilled. She did a great job! The atmosphere was peaceful, serene, clean, and extremely calming. The massage was wonderful! No complaints at all and I'd definitely go back again.
Great Prenatal Massage I am 5 months pregnant and this massage was just what I needed
Tracy S.
Hayes Bodyworks "works"! Not your traditional massage studio - but better! Felicia "listens" to your body with patience and caring. Very pleased so far!
Hot stone massage One of the best massages ever. Felicia has such a calming presence, you'll feel relaxed immediately. She did a great job applying firm pressure for an incredible deep tissue massage.
Massage One of the best body massage that i ever had,I have been to several,you made me feel special.Those muscle and joints you really worked.
Iorna B
Massage Therapy I had a great experience with Felicia. It is very rare that I actually am able to relax during a massage therapy. She understood my pain and was able to help me relax. I am definitely going back for more relaxation.
My Massage was Excellent I have had many massages over the years and I felt that this one was one of the best I have ever had. The staff was professional and the environment was very relaxing. There were several massage related items for sale that I bought for myself and as gifts for my friends and family.
Linda F
Professional and Experienced Therapist I've had many massages over the years and Felicia is one of the best ... top notch! After several recent visits to the dentist I had tight muscles in my head, neck, shoulders and back and most of it was worked out in my first visit and the second visit relieved all of my pain and tight muscles. She provides a very soothing and relaxing atmosphere including the eye cover and afterwards a hot towel and bottle of water! Felicia is now my "go to" massage therapist!!! You can not go wrong with Felicia, so don't hesitate give her a call.
Professional Massage I came in the other day for a De-Stressor massage and it was perfect. Felicia used great techniques and provided a very relaxing atmosphere. The massage was 45 minutes long but felt longer and I almost fell asleep twice it felt so good. I will certainly return again.
Gillian L.
Skilled Therapist! Felicia Hayes is an extraordinarily skilled massage therapist and bodyworker. She knew exactly where to focus, and worked my muscles like no other massage therapist has. I left feeling looser, more mobile, and more balanced than I have after months of chiropractic and physical therapy!
Wonderful! Felicia did a wonderful job. She listened and focused on the areas that I needed worked on. I wouldn't go anywhere else!
Awesome! 6 months pregnant I was seeking some relief in my hips and lower back. Felicia was amazing! I felt like a new woman after she was done. Still enjoying the relief and looking forward to my next appointment.
Tania G
Knots in my feet! "I received a 60 minute foot massage from Felicia and it was absolute heaven. Who knew I had knots in my feet! I will definitely be returning!"
Fantastic Massage "Fantastic massage!"
Felicia was very professional I had a wonderful foot massage and reflexology today at Hayes. Felicia was very professional and very skilled at her techniques. The room was very clean and peaceful. I will return for another treatment.
Heather P
Awesome Hot Stone Massage This was my first time going to Felicia and I had a hot stone massage. I've had many massages and this was one of the best!
Ann D
Worth the drive from Burke! What a wonderful foot treatment! Was definitely worth the drive from Burke! Thank you!
Gayle G
The therapist is wonderful! Foot massage was extremely therapeutic and relaxing. The therapist is wonderful!
Amy B
Wonderful experience! Wonderful experience! I will definitely go back!
Felicia is terrific!!! Felicia is terrific!!!
michael j
I will definitely be back. One of best massages I ever had. I will definitely be back.
Cindy M
sheryl g
Fantastic I'll go again.
Joanna G
Thank you for your advice Thank you for your advice. I really appreciate it and the wonderful service! I am feeling better yay!
Customer Service, Quality, Wait Time Best ever!
Professional Excellence Professional Excellence in Restoration & Renewal. Zen-like environment.
Awesome as always!